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A wonderful job. Super helpful inorimatfon.

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Is there a firm schedule for spreaeks? I want to come, but may not be able to make it for the whole thing, but wanted to decide when I came based on the spreaeks I wanted to see most.

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Newcomers to Mondoweiss: BEWARELightbringer is a paid propagandist (hasbarist) for the Israeli government.By pressing on his name at the top of his post you will find a list of all his comments. The comment that first caught my attention is this one: “In worst case scenario – few thousands of Gazans will die. They are used to it. We are used to it. Nobody cares.”Mondoweiss has been targeted by the Israeli government’s propaganda department and their employees arrive in shifts throughout the day. Other hasbarists to look out for are Guilty Feat, eee, es1892. Clencher, Hophni, and Robert Werdine.

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Grazie bella! Thank you for reading; appreciate your comments & thoughtful encouragement. “I love and pretend to be Italian” — I smiled at this! You’re a fantastic Italian. Who needs genes if you have the “la dolce vita” mindset? Bonus points for the huge ceramic rooster on your kitchen island!

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As I read your blog, I kept thinking the same sentiment: you loved with your whole heart. I also know you STILL love who you are because of who she was in your life. I too had a mom that I miss more each day. You have put into words the gift that a mom can be….

I didn’t know where to find this info then kaboom it was here.

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No amount of spin will save Joe Hockey from being savaged as the human beanbag that tried to inflict WorkChoices on Australia.Anywhere the wind blows is where’ll you find big Joe. Rudd and Gillard will make (rather a lot of) mincemeat out of him.